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    We’re closed from December 24th, 2017 and resume normal hours January 4th, 2018. Happy holidays!


    East Van Shoe Repair is a one-woman owned and operated shop, providing full-service, high-quality shoe and boot repair in the heart of Vancouver. 

    Read more about that one woman, Rebecca Smith

    Things are done a little differently around here…

    • The atmosphere is friendly and the shop is clean, spacious, bright and doesn’t stink of glue fumes
    • The repairs are done quickly, professionally, at a reasonable price and include complementary conditioning or shine
    • The person you speak to is also the one to do your repair and is more than happy to share her knowledge of and enthusiasm for shoes
    • The shop operates in as environmentally and socially responsible a manner as possible


    We are a member of the Shoe Service Institute of America, board member of the Hastings Crossing BIA and honorary member of the Daughters of St. Crispin.SSIA_logo


    Location & Hours

    269 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1J7 (on the North side of 6th, a half block east of Main Street).




    Sunday           Closed

    Monday          Closed

    Tuesday          Closed

    Wednesday     Closed

    Thursday        10:30am-7:00pm

    Friday            10:30am- 6:00pm

    Saturday        11:00am-5:00pm


    We are a true full-service shoe repair shop, providing a wide range of repair and customization services for all types of footwear. 

    • Full and half sole replacement… many styles, colors and materials
    • Heel replacement and wedges
    • Topy protective soles (what’s a topy?)
    • Toe tip rebuilds
    • Hardware attachment and replacement
    • Stitching
    • Sewing
    • Gluing
    • Patching
    • Stretching
    • Shank replacement
    • Elastic/Gusset installation or replacement
    • Heel back installation or replacement
    • Dying (generally to black only; see FAQ)
    • Cleaning and Polishing
    • Much more… just ask!

    edmonds soles


    What Can’t We Do? We can generally repair leather bags, purses, belts and hats but not leather jackets or other clothing. We are also not currently (until further notice) taking in zipper replacement jobs. You can read why here.


    What are your prices?

     Bring in your shoes and we’ll let you know! We find it unhelpful to list prices for the services we provide… there are just too many options and its impossible to know exactly what’s needed until we see the footwear. 

    But how do your prices compare with those other guys?

     Pretty darn well. We encourage you to shop around but we’re confident you’ll be back.

    How long will my repair take?

     It depends on the repair required, on the shoes themselves and on our current workload. Some repairs (some cleaning/polishing, small stitching/sewing jobs, hole punching, insole or fit-product installations, etc.) may be done the same day you come in,  but most will take a few days. A major overhaul may take a few extra days if we need to order something special to get it done and our wait times are longer in the busy fall/winter season.

    What materials will be used to repair my boots/shoes?

    We’re uncompromising about using the best materials available that are appropriate for the repair, bearing in mind their impact on appearance, comfort and longevity, as well as the health of the wearer and the environment on the whole. In many cases, the materials we use are superior in these respects to those the footwear was constructed with. Patches and heel-backs are made of leather – carefully selected, hand cut and skived to fit the job. Heel and toe layers are made of top-grade 12 oz. (5mm) sole bend cow hide leather. Stitching is done using durable matching thread, along existing seams where possible. 

    The majority of our prefabricated soles and heels (as well as bulk sheets of soling and heeling) are made by Topy (in France) and Vibram (in the USA). We also use heel pins from Avanti (USA) and whole/half heels and lifts from Tank (Italy), GTO Italia (Italy), and Biltrite (USA).  We keep many specialty brand-specific materials on hand, like trademarked ‘pantone 18-1663 TPX’ Louboutin Red soling (by Vibram), genuine Birkenstock (Germany) EVA soling and cork footbeds, and the iconic Vibram Christy soles of the Red Wing 877/875 Boot. Material-specific high-quality adhesives and primers from Renia (Germany) are employed, which are free of toluene and MEK. We do not use heeling or soling made of plastic and nothing we use is made in China. Period. 

    Can you fix my belt/bag/purse? What about my butt-less leather chaps?

     We will generally repair leather belts, bags, purses, straps and hats but we steer clear of taking in jackets, clothing, luggage, tents, upholstery, etc. The fine acetate linings of leather jackets and clothing often get chewed up by our industrial leather stitchers. It never hurts to ask and we’ll accommodate whatever we can.

    Do you cut keys? How about watch repair or skate sharpening?

    We pride ourselves on doing professional repairs of shoes, boots and leather goods and we don’t stray too far from this in terms of the services we offer. We trust that there are watch repairpersons and skate sharpeners around who take their jobs just as seriously.

    Can you dye my boots/shoes?

    Dying is tricky. Generally only aniline leathers may be dyed and even these vary greatly in terms of how they take dyes, meaning customers sometimes don’t get exactly what they expected or were looking for. As a result, our general policy is to dye to black only. Again, it never hurts to ask and we’ll accommodate whatever we can.

    Can you clean the stain(s) off my boots/shoes?

    Bring in the footwear and we’ll assess the damage. Of course there are stains no one can remove (this is what permits dying, after all), but leather is resilient stuff and we have a range of tricks and techniques for removing stubborn stains, paint, bad polish, discoloration, scuffing, water damage and many other things life finds you walking through. If the damage is bad, there may be options to strip, buff out, dye, polish, or otherwise cover or hide your shoe’s shame.   

    Can you modify my boots/shoes?

     We’ll do custom modifications at our discretion. Bring the shoes in and we’ll discuss what’s possible.

    Do you sell laces, polish, shoe cream, brushes, insoles, shoe trees, fit products, glue, etc?

     We stock a selection of quality (mostly European) products that we use on customer’s shoes here in the shop and that are difficult to find elsewhere. These include products made by Woly, TaccoKelly’s and many others. Most of it is not on display but if you ask we’ll bring it out and give you a recommendation.

    Can I drop off my shoes and pay for the repair when I pick them up?

     As much as we’d like to, this inevitably leads to the shop becoming a storage facility. People tend to come back for their shoes when they’re paid for, so we require full payment when you drop them off. Many other shops will sell their customer’s unclaimed shoes to recoup the cost of the repair but pre-payment allows us to avoid this practice. Thanks for understanding.

    Should I bring in both shoes if only one of them needs repair? Will I still pay full price?

    Please bring in both shoes or boots regardless of whether you believe one or both are in need of repair. First, we offer complementary cleaning/conditioning/polishing with any repair, regardless of whether just one or both are repaired. Polishing only one shoe may be worse than polishing neither, so we need both. Second, and perhaps more importantly, many repairs must be done to both shoes in order to be done properly. Often the balance of the shoes – and their wearer – would be compromised by repairing only one. At times the other shoe may appear fine but is actually on the verge of a similar breakdown and repairing both will save the customer a repeat visit in short order.

    Regarding differential pricing where in fact only one shoe or boot requires attention, we always charge a reduced price, although not necessarily by half. This is often the case where repair is necessitated by an accident/trauma to one shoe only, as opposed to ‘wear and tear’ which generally affects both relatively equally. The ‘one-shoe discount’ will generally manifest itself in the customer being charged for a ‘small sew’, ‘small glue’, etc. rather than a medium one. 

    What payment methods do you accept?

     We now accept debit, as well as cash and all major credit cards. About the only things we can’t take are cheques and bitcoin. Please note that we require payment for repair when the shoes are dropped off (see above for a rationale of this policy). 

    Is there tax on shoe repairs?

    Yes and no. Shoe repair service falls under the BC professional services exemption so only the 5% Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies. The retail products we offer are subject to both taxes.

    Is there parking at the shop?

    There is metered parking on 6th Avenue in front of the shop.  

    Is my dog/bike/family/self welcome in the shop?

     While there is a rack outside the shop available to the public, we welcome in well-behaved pets, bikes and humans of all kinds. Inclusivity is kind of a thing here. We identify as feminists, are accepting of all and too cool for none. We encourage those able to walk, bike or take transit down to see us.

    Footwear Donation

    We accept donations of lightly used shoe and boots of any kind. We’ll repair them when needed and pass them on to local organizations who distribute them to members of the community in need. Recipients of donated footwear in 2014 have included Dress for Success Vancouver and Covenant House, and in 2015, the WISH Drop-in Centre Society.

    Thanks for your support!

    footwear donation


    Email: eastvanshoerepair@gmail.com

    Phone: 778-807-5942

    We are generally unavailable to answer the phone so please leave a message

    Note: we are unable to provide estimates over the phone

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